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Saturna Garner Rave Review From UK September 27, 2007

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Saturna are pleased that UK magazine The Plastic Ashtray have posted a rave review of Some Delicious Enemy on thier site.  Pete Stanley compares Saturna to Primal Scream, Autolux, The Warlocks and more, calling the record, “A diverse, powerful & elegant debut by a band who are quite simply brilliant.”  Check out the whole review here:

Saturna are a US based band from Portland, Oregon. This, their debut album shows everything they have offer and much more, giving you the feeling the world is really missing out on a great band. Almost unknown in the UK, this ten track LP goes through every emotion, triumphing with loud anthemic nu-shoe gaze (maybe that genre will catch on!). First track ‘Roll On’ falls somewhere between bands like Autolux & The Warlocks & makes use of some epic guitar playing last seen by England’s long lost Mansun. Their guitarist mimicking the drawn out euphoria Chad gave the Chester rockers in the mid 90’s.Second track ‘Fall’ is grinding & dirty yet the super slick shiny production gives it a poppy & appealing flavour. The Cubase style studio trickery gives this band a real edge alongside the skipping drum machine style sounds (which play simultaneously with Matt Badger’s live drums). ‘Pop Rocks’ has a Primal Scream style strut, which could even be cheeky nod to Bobby Gillespie & his mob. Grinding chords and swaggering rhythms recall Oasis in their prime or The Stones pre wrinkles. The band have a good feel with ‘Some Delicious Enemy’. There’s a real sense of attitude & style. There seems to feel like there’s a gamut of British influence on the Portland band as they stomp through glam, Shoe gaze and Britpop.



Saturna Bumbershoot Interviews September 20, 2007

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Saturna at Bumbershoot 2007 

Saturna had an amazing experience at Bumbershoot 2007.  We played a rousing set with Schoolyard Heroes, Floater and Norma Jean and were so thrilled to feed off the energy of all the kids that showed up.  Since we were the first band to play we didn’t know if anyone would be there, but as soon as they opened the doors, the kids flooded in, pushed themselves up against the railing and jockeyed for position.  It was one of those bizarre and surreal experiences that sometimes happen when you have no expectations and you just feed into it and roll with it.  We played a rousing set and met tons of people afterwards.  Later, sitting back stage after the show, watching our stage manager playing World of Warcraft on his laptop, listening to Ryann from Schoolyard Heroes warm up her voice with hoots and trills and noticing that the rocker dude a few feet away really was Duff McKagen strolling around and laughing about something with the guys from Norma Jean.

Afterwards we did some interviews and they turned out really great.  Quinn from Ourstage tried to sneek us into the space needle to no avail so we ended up going around and around on the ferris wheel until we finished our interview.  Check it out here where we discuss our songs and our show: 


Rachel from Three Imaginary Girls, our online favorite from Seattle, did a fun interview with us where we talk about our crazy summer adventures and our future plans.

Rachel also posted a pre-Bumbershoot interview on KEXP‘s website where we reminisce about our favorite Bumbershoot’s past and wax longingly for the Fergie show.

Here is the interview in its entirety:

As we’re all undoubtedly excited for this year’s Bumbershoot, chock full of local bands, great indie films, and tons of greasy fest food, what are the local bands themselves looking forward to? How has their summers treated them? And which of the overly pop headliners would they suffer through? (I’ll give you a hint: the one with the most “humps”.)

To indulge me with their Bumber-opinions, I gathered together quite a list of local rockers, including members of Saturna, Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head, Mono in VCF, Seaweed, Das Llamas, Shake Some Action, Fleet Foxes, and Sneaky Thieves.