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The Saturna Buzz Machine March 3, 2008

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In the last couple of weeks Saturna has been getting radio airplay and press in advance of our tour with Bob Mould.  Jay Ziegler of Consequence of Sound wrote a nice article about Some Delicious Enemy and says Saturna has, “swirling shoegaze and dreamy pop textures large enough to fill a football field.

Altrok radio included Saturna song Pop Rocks in their latest Tuesday showcase along with artists like Depeche Mode, The Cure and Tones on Tail among many others.

Thanks to Thomas Bell, Saturna also made Ricks Picks on CD Hotlist, a website that recommends new releases to libraries.  Some Delicious Enemy was featured along with new albums from Hot Chip, U2, Justice and more.

And the always entertaining Jules got into the spirit, providing Pop Rocks as a soundbite  on her blog 🙂


Saturna Sign Licensing Deal with Bearsuit Publishing February 5, 2008

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Saturna are excited to have inked a deal with Toronto outfit, Bearsuit Publishing to license their music to TV, film and other media. Bearsuit have been licensing songs on shows like The Hills, Dirt, The L-Word, Grey’s Anatomy, Numb3rs, and tons more. By signing with Bearsuit, Saturna are joining a team of great artists that includes Great Lake Swimmers, Madrid, The Caribbean, Stirling, Paper Moon, The Heavy Blinkers, and Sinewave as well as Mancunians Rebelski, the official fourth member of Doves, and Beats For Beginners who is being remixed by the Doves guitarist.

Check out the Saturna page that Bearsuit put up.


Saturna also continue to get radio support on tons of college radio as well as internet stations like Radio 0 in Russia and Basic Rock Radio on podcast #5. Check it out.

Saturna Shout Outs January 5, 2008

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There have been quite a few Saturna mentions and shout outs lately in the blog world.  Thanks to Bag of Songs for the shout out in their review of Panda Riot.  They said that if you dig Saturna you’ll like Panda Riot and we agree. 

Music of the Moment included Saturna song Much More in their list of current favorite songs along with songs from Blonde Redhead, Band of Horses, Secret Machines, The Charlatans and tons more.

Blogorock from France says Saturna’s takeoff is imminent and lauds Pop Rocks.

And lastly Rachelandthecity from Scenestars and The Bloggeratti show on Breakthru Radio ended her show with Saturna song Periwinkle, in a set that also included an interesting interview with Whitney Mathison of USA Today’s Pop Candy blog.  

Bag of Songs – http://bagofsongs.blogspot.com/search?q=saturna

Music of the Moment – http://res1999.blogspot.com/2007/01/hot-tracks.html

Blogorock – http://gurus-blogorock.blogspot.com/2007/07/decollage-imminent.html

Scenestars – http://scenestars.net/?s=saturna

Saturna included in more Best Of 2007 lists January 2, 2008

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Saturna had a great year in 2007 and are pleased to have been included in end of year “best of” lists from San Francisco’s Bagel Radio, Speed of Dark, Milk Milk Lemonade and Galaxy FM in Mexico.

Some Delicious Enemy came in at #5 on Bagel Radio‘s Top 10 Albums of 2007 along with albums from Spoon, Radiohead, Modest Mouse and more.   Saturna single Pop Rocks also made the cut, coming in at #42 on their Best 50 Songs of 2007.

Saturna song Roll Down came in at #15 on Speed of Dark‘s Favorites of 2007 next to songs from The Shins, Elliot Smith, Amy Winehouse and more. 

Some Delicious Enemy album closer Periwinkle was included in Milk Milk Lemonade‘s Top 25 Songs of 2007 along with tracks from Adam Franklin, Trembling Blue Stars, Black Kites, and Panda Riot. Periwinkle was also included in Galaxy FM‘s Class of 2007; The Top 100 Songs of 2007.

Bagel Radio – http://bagelradio.com/blog/2007/12/best-music-of-2007.html

Speed of Dark – http://speedofdark-web.blogspot.com/2008/01/indiemoms-favorites-of-2007-part-1.html

Milk Milk Lemonade – http://milkmilk-lemonade.blogspot.com/2008/01/mml-list-2007.html

Galaxy FM – http://galaxyfm.blogspot.com/2007/12/las-mejores-cien-del-2007.html

Saturna Included in Amazing Mixtapes October 22, 2007

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Saturna has been included in a couple of blogs mixtapes recently and the company is amazing.  Check out this one from NW blog Tremelo 100 that features Saturna song Just For Thrills along with songs from other Portland bands like Swoon 23, The Upsidedown, Nordic, The Dandy Warhols, Stars Of Track And Field, The Prids, The High Violets, Charmparticles and more.


and this one from Indie Music Blog that features songs from Wintersleep, Saturna, Small Sins, Black Moth Super Rainbow and Mardeen.


Saturna Set To Play Bumbershoot August 31, 2007

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 Saturna are very excited to be playing Bumbershoot this weekend with a ton of amazing acts like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Shins, The Blakes, School Yard Heroes, The Lashes and so many more.  We’re going on at 2pm on Monday in the Exhibition Hall, so see you there.

 Saturna has also been recieving tons of love from radio and the internet.  KEXP, KUFO and other local NW stations along with internet radio stations Altrok and Shoegaze Radio Live and Sirius Radio shows have been playing Saturna songs.

Saturna is also pleased to be included in recent podcasts and music mixes.  Fidel’s Diary includes Saturna song Roll Down along with tracks from Datarock, Spoon and Robbers On High Street.  Instrumental Analysis included Roll Down along with songs from Blonde Redhead, Kasabian, and Kings Of Leon.  And last but not least Sound The Siren Magazine included Roll Down with songs from Editors, Interpol, Stars and White Stripes. 

See you at Bumbershoot in Seattle and next weekend in Portland at MusicfestNW!

Saturna Rock MusicfestNW, KEXP, VH1 and The Oregonian July 30, 2007

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Its been a good couple of weeks for Saturna.   We played an awesome show in Seattle with The High Violets, Levator and Romance (thanks to Seattlest for the show preview).  Last week in Portland we played the KEXP PDXplore showcase with The Purrs, Shorthand For Epic and Bombs Into You and this Saturday played Rock Paper Scissors at the Division St. Fair with Southerly, The Lightning Bugs, Theda Bara, and a bunch of other bands.  We’ve been having tons of fun playing with old friends, making new ones and preparing for our MusicfestNW festival appearance in September with The Prids, The Sun The Sea, Green Circles and The Heavenly States.

Saturna is still making waves in the college music world, being played on over 200 radio stations in medium rotation or higher, as well as numerous podcasts and internet radio stations, including Leopard Print Lounge.  Check out the podcast from The Hollydog Blog where they feature Pop Rocks along with songs from BRMC, Muggabears, Handsome Furs and more.  Big thanks to The Retro Music Snob for pointing us to the Broken Dial Mixtape Vol 12 that also includes Pop Rocks next to songs from Iron & Wine, Art In Manila, BOAT and more.

Big thanks to VH1 who were nice enough to announce the release of Some Delicious Enemy as well as put up a Saturna Artist Page which lists tour dates, discography ect.

Saturna was recently featured in the The Oregonian’s Band In A Box as well as the on the Indie Music Filter blog.

And last but not least, one of our favorite blogs, Berkeley Place, says that if you’re into Saturna, JAMC, Mogwai or Yo La Tengo you should check out Dirty On Purpose and we agree.

Busy World of Saturna July 11, 2007

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Tons of things are happening in the world of Saturna and there has been a lot of buzz in the blogosphere about it.  The Punk Guy in NYC has listed Saturna  on their New Music Links and posted Pop Rocks along with songs from The Moths, La Cacahouette, Theo & The Skyscrapers and other great bands.


The Neo-Surrealist Movement has listed Some Delicious Enemy as one of their Notable Releases of 2007 along with albums from Echodrone, Joy Wants Eternity, Thrushes and many more amazing bands.


What To Wear During An Orange Alert calls Saturna an “ambitious group” and links to Pop Rocks on their Music Minute along with music from CSSPage France, Ben Neil and more.


Knez of Egoslavia has listed Saturna on BLCKDGRD along with Stars, New Pornographers, Apples In Stereo and more.


Thanks to Mediaburn Radio for syndication the amazing Tripwire review of Some Delicious Enemy on their site and linking to Pop Rocks and Roll Down.


CMJ Reports on Saturna & Weathered Underground June 29, 2007

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Saturna are pleased to make the news on the CMJ website this morning.  CMJ reported on the film Weathered Underground, by Choose Interactive, that allows viewers to control the characters in the movie by choosing what decisions to make.  Its much like one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books we loved to read as children.  CMJ also reported that Saturna, The Lashes and The Blakes all participated in the movie and on the soundtrack. 

 This was a great project that we loved being a part of and were especially excited about the showcases at SXSW that we all played a part of.

 Speaking of CMJ, Saturna is so excited to have cracked the CMJ Top 200 with the release of Some Delicious Enemy and to be getting so much support from the music community.

Check out the article here: http://prod1.cmj.com/articles/display_article.php?id=41547287

Just for fun, here’s one of the posters from the SXSW 2007  shows…


Saturna Rocks College Radio June 28, 2007

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Saturna had another great week at College Radio.  This week, we had 11 stations chart Some Delicious Enemy, including 2 debuts at KLCZ in Lewiston, ID (#6) and KXUL in Monroe, LA (#14.)  We also moved up the charts at KPUR in Forest Grove, OR, hitting #2 and Bagel Radio in San Francisco, climbing up one spot to #3.  We also had new adds this week from WVMW in Scranton, PA, WTJU in Charlottesville, VA, WBAR in New York, NY, and KBVR out in Corvalis, OR.  We are so excited to announce that this brings us up to 148 stations that have added Saturna to their rotations. 

Thanks so much to all the stations that have been playing our songs and to all the fans that have been requesting them.  Hopefully in the near future we’ll be coming to your towns to share the love.

We also want to thank all of the tremendous support we’ve gotten from internet radio.  Stations like Bagel Radio, Altrok, Darker Radio and tons more have given us an opportunity to be heard by millions.  If you haven’t already heard this is a medium that is about to disapear if we don’t fight back.  Please lend your support to internet radio and if possible call and write your congress persons to help Save Internet Radio.