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Saturna Rock MusicfestNW, KEXP, VH1 and The Oregonian July 30, 2007

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Its been a good couple of weeks for Saturna.   We played an awesome show in Seattle with The High Violets, Levator and Romance (thanks to Seattlest for the show preview).  Last week in Portland we played the KEXP PDXplore showcase with The Purrs, Shorthand For Epic and Bombs Into You and this Saturday played Rock Paper Scissors at the Division St. Fair with Southerly, The Lightning Bugs, Theda Bara, and a bunch of other bands.  We’ve been having tons of fun playing with old friends, making new ones and preparing for our MusicfestNW festival appearance in September with The Prids, The Sun The Sea, Green Circles and The Heavenly States.

Saturna is still making waves in the college music world, being played on over 200 radio stations in medium rotation or higher, as well as numerous podcasts and internet radio stations, including Leopard Print Lounge.  Check out the podcast from The Hollydog Blog where they feature Pop Rocks along with songs from BRMC, Muggabears, Handsome Furs and more.  Big thanks to The Retro Music Snob for pointing us to the Broken Dial Mixtape Vol 12 that also includes Pop Rocks next to songs from Iron & Wine, Art In Manila, BOAT and more.

Big thanks to VH1 who were nice enough to announce the release of Some Delicious Enemy as well as put up a Saturna Artist Page which lists tour dates, discography ect.

Saturna was recently featured in the The Oregonian’s Band In A Box as well as the on the Indie Music Filter blog.

And last but not least, one of our favorite blogs, Berkeley Place, says that if you’re into Saturna, JAMC, Mogwai or Yo La Tengo you should check out Dirty On Purpose and we agree.


Saturna at MusicfestNW July 24, 2007

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Saturna are excited that three more bands were added to the BDC showcase at this year’s MusicfestNW.  Now along with The Prids and Saturna will be Green Circles, The Heavenly States and The Sun The Sea (featuring Peter Holmstrom of The Dandy Warhols).  This showcase will be at The Fez Ballroom, right around the corner from The Crystal Ballroom and will also be the CD release party for The Prids new CD.  I can hardly wait…

French blog posts Pop Rocks July 22, 2007

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Thanks to French blog Blogorock for posting an MP3 of Pop Rocks on their post entitled Decollage Imminent!


Saturna Is My Bag, Baby! July 19, 2007

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Big thanks to Tom from the Bag of Songs blog in Philadelphia for his review of Some Delicious Enemy.  He says, “It’s an incredibly infectious blend of massive sounding guitars and powerful drumming, topped with soaring, reverb soaked vocals as melodic as Oasis used to know how to write.”  He also compares Saturna to Lush, Ride, and Stone Roses.  Tom says its, “A perfect summer album” and “A best of 2007 contender for sure.”  He also linked to Roll Down and Chasing The Unpredictable

Check out the whole review here: http://bagofsongs.blogspot.com/2007/07/new-music-saturna-some-delicious-enemy.html

Saturna Bring Me Up July 13, 2007

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Big thanks to Christy from Bring Me Up for her review of Some Delicious Enemy.  She says that Saturna reminds her of Sonic Youth and that, “It would be criminal to overlook this band.”  She gives Saturna some amazing compliments saying, “My favorite track is Roll Down,” and Leader Of The Western Stars is “Incredibly beautiful.”  She also concludes that, “You will find the entire album is full of possible favorites.”

Read the entire review here: http://scrink.com/blog/music/2007/07/saturna.html

Saturna Out & About July 12, 2007

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Saturna has a bunch of really cool shows and festival appearances coming up in the northwest area over the next couple of months, starting with this Saturday in Seattle at The Comet and ending with MusicfestNW in Portland in September.   Come check us out in support of our new record Some Delicious Enemy and help us drain the beer gardens!

7/14 @ The Comet (Seattle, WA) w/The High Violets | Romance | Levator

7/21 KEXP Presents PDXplore @ Ash St (Portland, OR) w/The Purrs | Shorthand For Epic | Bombs Into You

7/28 Rock, Paper, Scissors Festival @ MotoKitty (Portland, OR)

8/14 @ The High Dive (Seattle, WA) w/People Noise | Special Guests

8/18 Burnside Distribution Annual Party @ Music Millennium (Portland, OR)

8/20 @ Mt Tabor Legacy (Portland, OR) w/Dignan | Buildings Breeding

9/8 MusicfestNW @ (Portland, OR) The Fez Ballroom w/The Prids | Special Guests

Saturna To Play MusicfestNW July 11, 2007

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 Saturna is very excited and proud to have been invited to play MusicfestNW in Portland, OR.  Saturna will be playing Saturday with The Prids for the Burnside Distribution showcase at The Fez Ballroom.

If you aren’t familiar with MusicfestNW it happens this year from September 6-9.  Check out their website for history and a list of all the artists currently scheduled to play, including Brian Jonestown Massacre, Spoon, Helio Sequence, Grizzly Bear, The Thermals, Wolf Parade, The Shaky Hands and tons more.


Busy World of Saturna July 11, 2007

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Tons of things are happening in the world of Saturna and there has been a lot of buzz in the blogosphere about it.  The Punk Guy in NYC has listed Saturna  on their New Music Links and posted Pop Rocks along with songs from The Moths, La Cacahouette, Theo & The Skyscrapers and other great bands.


The Neo-Surrealist Movement has listed Some Delicious Enemy as one of their Notable Releases of 2007 along with albums from Echodrone, Joy Wants Eternity, Thrushes and many more amazing bands.


What To Wear During An Orange Alert calls Saturna an “ambitious group” and links to Pop Rocks on their Music Minute along with music from CSSPage France, Ben Neil and more.


Knez of Egoslavia has listed Saturna on BLCKDGRD along with Stars, New Pornographers, Apples In Stereo and more.


Thanks to Mediaburn Radio for syndication the amazing Tripwire review of Some Delicious Enemy on their site and linking to Pop Rocks and Roll Down.


Saturna #1 on SF Radio Station July 10, 2007

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Saturna are so excited to be charting at #1 on Bagel Radio from San Francisco!  We are so thankful for all the support they’ve given us.  We are also charting in the top 10 in KJCC in San Jose, CA, KLCZ in Lewiston, ID, KPUR in Forest Grove, OR and WARG in Summit, IL.  In total, Saturna are in rotation at 167 college stations around the US and Canada.  Some of the stations that just added us are WHSN in Bangor, ME and WDCV in Carlisle, PA.  Thanks to everyone who is supporting Saturna, you rock!


Watch Out Saturna, Here Comes The Flood! July 9, 2007

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Saturna would like to thank Here Comes The Flood, for their review of Some Delicious Enemy, the debut full length “monster” from Saturna.  At least that’s how they put it here, “Their new album Some Delicious Enemy is a slow moving monster, with vicious looking teeth. On the other hand: given time the monster turns out to be friendly. Under all those layers of effects the songs are coming up for air. And when they do it is clear that they are built on reliable structures.”

Check out the whole review here: http://blogger.xs4all.nl/werksman/archive/2007/07/06/255680.aspx

I also wanted to thank Music Insider for picking up the syndication: http://alpha-sig.com/2007/07/06/saturna-some-delicious-enemy/