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Podcasts Featuring Saturna May 31, 2007

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Big thanks to French blog So The Wind Won’t Blow It All Away, for including Fall in Podcast #44 with a bunch of other amazing songs.  This is the third podcast that they’ve included us in.  We really appreciate the support. 


We also want to thank Some Music for including Roll Down in their podcast entitled Pidgeon Loves Spring along with artists The Morning After Girls, Menomena, Starflyer 59, and more.



Saturna’s Pop Rocks one of Best Independent Singles of 2007 May 30, 2007

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We are really excited to announce that Saturna single Pop Rocks came in at #2 on Berkeley Place’s Top Five Best Independent Singles of 2007.  We are really pleased to be in such company as Bloc Party, The Child Ballads, Big Buildings and Phonte.

Check out the list here:http://berkeleyplace.wordpress.com/2007/05/22/the-five-best-independent-singles-of-2007-so-far/

College Radio Adds Saturna May 30, 2007

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We had a great first week out at College Radio as we came in at #19 most added with a total of 15 official CMJ adds.  Some of the highlights include KCSU
in Ft Collins, CO, KSYM in San Antonio, TX, WMUH in Allentown, PA and WPSC
in Wayne, NJ.  We debuted at WGBK in Glenview, IL [#24], KPUR in Forest
Grove, OR [#24] and KSYM [#29] and are also are in rotation at WMBR in
Cambridge/Boston, WKDU in Philly and WBNY in Buffalo. 

We are also excited that both Altrok internet radio and Bagel Radio has added Saturna songs.  Big thanks to Bagel Radio for adding Fall and placing it in their Top 5 Adds.

Saturna’s Big Takeover May 29, 2007

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saturna_all_night_border.JPG      bigtakeover.gif

We are pleased to announce that Saturna EP “…All Night” was reviewed in Big Takeover #60.  Check out the whole review by Marcel Feldmar:

Me? I love Saturna. Wonderful northwest sparkle-pop shoegaze that calls out to all the right bands, past and present. Hear Ride, Chapterhouse, BRMC, JAMC, and on and beyond. Unfortunately only five songs, this EP-like release hits all the right notes, letting you float off in dream pop and then turning to shake you up and get you throw bottles against the wall in an angry fuzzed out distortion dirty mood. This band manages to achieve a balance, tightrope style, throwing Psycho Candies out to the listener but also seducing them with sweet Milk and Kisses. Gutterbliss that layers perfectly against the starlight of sound.

Saturna Back for the Attack May 25, 2007

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Wow, what can I say about Saturna in the last few weeks.  So much has been going on and no one has been blogging about it.  I can take the blame for that since I escaped to the southern coast of India to ride my Royal Enfield down the coast for what some would call 1000 miles of motorcycle bliss.  You can read all about that on my other blog Global Motorcycle Tours.

Back on the other side of the earth, all sorts of things have been happening with Saturna.  We’ve been receiving rave reviews, getting airplay from KEXP and other stations, and being added to multiple podcasts.  We’re really excited about our upcoming shows in New York as well as our CD release parties in Portland and Seattle.  This is going to be a huge summer for us.

Check out some of the reviews that have come in lately:

The Fire Note says Saturna is “On fire” and compares Some Delicious Enemy to BRMC and The Black Angels: http://thefirenote.blogspot.com/2007/05/saturna-some-delicious-enemy.html

Aiding and Abetting says, “This is precisely the sort of music that, to my ear, ought to have mass appeal.” http://www.aidabet.com/issues/285/285reviews.html#SATURNA

The Sound of Indie says you should check out Some Delicious Enemy and thinks that Roll Down is their favorite track.  http://www.thesoundofindie.com/?p=374

Los Mundos De Fede in Spain says Saturna is “Perfectly dreamy” en espanol: http://losmundosdefede.blogspot.com/2007/05/saturna-some-delicious-enemy.html