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Losing Today review Some Delicious Enemy January 3, 2008

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 Thank you to David Mansdorf of Losing Today for reviewing Saturna’s debut album Some Delicious Enemy.  He describes the record as, “Well crafted sugary pop songs laced in multiple layers of guitar effects a la The Jesus and Mary Chain.”   He also says, “Saturna have given space-pop fans a fine way to spend 44 minutes.” 

Listen to Roll Down.



Big Takeover Review Saturna’s Some Delicious Enemy December 19, 2007

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Big thanks to Marcel Feldmar for reviewing  Some Delicious Enemy in Big Takeover #61.   He compares it to The Verve, Primal Scream and My Bloody Valentine, but says, “the sound is becoming strictly Saturna.” 

 Read the whole review below and get Big Takeover #61 featuring The New Pornographers, Rogue Wave, Sloan and tons more. 

“Saturna continues their journey into shoegaze space with skill and style, and most importantly, a strong sense of past, present and future.  Burning through waves of Dandy Warhols melodics and My Bloody Valentine noise, this Portland band (more…)

West Coast Performer Reviews Saturna October 22, 2007

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Thanks to Bonwell Parker from West Coast Performer for reviewing Some Delicious Enemy.  Check out the whole review here: 

One can detect many influences in Saturna’s new album, Some Delicious Enemy: the songwriting style is reminiscent of Tom Petty, and the songs themselves (at least at first) have a Steppenwolf downbeat feel, with the drums and keys featured prominently in front of a distant guitar. There is a heavy psychedelic rock influence as well as an epic quality more common in the days of Pink Floyd than today. However, Saturna doesn’t simply pay homage to these bands — they take the next evolutionary step, utilizing technology that was not available to the progressive rockers of the ‘70s, mixing in some elecronica and even industrial elements to the mix. (more…)

More UK Reviews In For Saturna October 1, 2007

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Saturna is really excited about all the noise coming from the UK in regards to Some Delicious Enemy.  Culture Bunker have posted a review giving huge props to the band and their debut record.  Check out the whole review below:

A great new compatriot to the cult of shoegazing BritPop. Saturna come off as heavenly and lush as Ride on “Roll Down” and then show a more BRMC styled rock on “Pop Rocks.” Saturna are clearly influenced by the honor roll of American and British uber-cool bands whose members are never seen without sunglasses or black clothing. This is not an image-first band though, as the album art gives you zero views of the band or their world and features only some generic photos. Maybe it creates more mystery and lets the music do all the talking. Many of the songs show Saturna in a, well, saturnine mood, with slowed down tempos but some songs like the back to back “Springboard” and “Just For Thrills” threaten to create a whole different band that can play fast and still inspire and delight. It’s always good when a band has a layered dynamic and their drone-pop side is a great balance to their shoegazer side. Even better news is that Saturna are from Seattle-Portland corridor; homegrown. Saturna really is a band to keep an eye on, this debut LP sounds like a band on the way up. — Leeds 9/11