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Saturna Musica en Espanol April 24, 2007

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Saturna has been garnering reviews from all over the world, but most recently from various parts of Spain. 


Rated-Muzik says some amazing things about Saturna, even comparing Some Delicious Enemy to BRMC and to Doves album The Last Broadcast

Check out the whole review here: http://rated-muzik.com/2007/04/24/saturna-some-delicious-enemy/

Lito Music also wrote a great review saying that Saturna employs sweet melodies and fiery guitars.  They also mention that Chasing The Unpredictable, one of the songs used in Bam’s Unholy Union, is their favorite song on Some Delicious Enemy.

Check out Lito Music here: http://litomusic.blogspot.com/2007/04/saturna.html

And last but not least Planeta Pop has the following to say about Some Delicious Enemy,

“Rock, power pop y brit pop. En esos estilos se mueven bien Saturna, el grupo norteamericano que despúes de publicar un ep el año pasado nos presentan ahora Some Delicious Enemy, su primer álbum. Puedes descargar aquí Fall y Pop Rocks, dos de sus diez canciones.”



Saturna & Dixie Witch’s Unholy Union April 12, 2007

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 Thanks to the Slash Me Up! blog for posting the music used in the first four episodes of Bam’s Unholy Union.   Unfortunately MTV screwed up the titles on Episode 1, switching the song titles for Saturna and Dixie Witch.  Saturna is credited with writing a song called Sticks and Stones, and Dixie Witch is credited with writing Springboard, which must really piss them off since its all spacey and light and they are heavy and dark.  Maybe we’ll have to co-write a song together someday called MTV doesn’t know how to read. 


Saturna, MTV, SXSW, and One Old Green Bus February 28, 2007

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 Saturna are pleased to report that their song Chasing The Unpredictable was featured in Bam’s Unholy Union episode 4 entitled Off With Her Shirt.  The Saturna song starts off the scene where Missy gets a call from Playboy asking Bam to do a shoot of her for a spread in their magazine.  This is the second time that MTV has used Saturna songs during Bam’s show that chronicles his engagement and wedding.  The Saturna song Springboard was used in the first scenes of Unholy Union Episode 1.   MTV also recently posted an artist page for Saturna

Saturna are very excited to be heading to Austin, TX.  Sound on the Sound from Seattle reported the upcoming SXSW parties and tell us that KEXP will broadcasting live from SXSW.  They also say they are excited to see The Lashes, one of the bands Saturna will be playing with at Copa on Friday, March 16th. 

Dusk Diary calls Saturna “completely different” and “well worth a feature.”  They compare Saturna to The Jesus and Mary Chain, Love and Rockets and even KISS!.


 And in a strange and wonderful mention, the One Old Green Bus blog mentioned they were surfing for New Wave bands and found Saturna.  One Old Green Bus is an interesting blog, written by a couple from Toronto, who are trying to get enough donations to be able to buy the bus of their dreams.  They mentioned that they were suffering from the winter blues.  We understand.  It’s been raining in Portland for weeks too… 

Saturna on MTV: http://www.mtv.com/#k Diar/music/artist/saturna/albums.jhtml?albumId=1315188

Sound on the Sound: http://www.soundonthesound.com/?p=557

Dusk Diary: http://jcalcagno1.duskdiary.com/blog/2007/02/20/saturna/

One Old Green Bus: http://doubledeckerbuses.org/blog/index.php/2007/02/27/checking_out_new_wave_artists

Saturna Featured on Bam’s Unholy Union on MTV February 1, 2007

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 Saturna are pleased to announce that their song Springboard was used in the opening scenes of Bam’s Unholy Union on MTV.   Bam Margera of Jackass, Viva La Bam and more has debuted a new show that will follow him and his fiance Missy as they prepare for their unconventional wedding.

Springboard‘s familiar keyboard intro bring in the show, with Bam sneaking in to his bedroom to wake up his sleeping fiance.  If you’ve seen Viva La Bam, you’ll know exactly what’s going to happen next…  As soon as Missy is violently awakened the song switches to a raging metal tune. 

Check out the whole list of Featured Songs from the first episode, including artists such as Fu Manchu, Clutch and Turbonegro.

Download Springboard from Saturna’s debut CD “…All Night” here: http://www.saturnamusic.com/mp3/saturna_01_springboard.mp3


Shop MTV has created a place for you to buy “…All Night”.  You can also buy it at any of these fine establishements:  Shop MTV | Amazon | CDbaby | iTunes