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Saturna at the Speed of Dark November 29, 2006

Posted by Ryan in Saturna.


Special thanks to Indie Mom from Speed of Dark in LA for her kind review of “…All Night”.  She immediately called out our inner Catherine Wheel on Blanket of Stars and then put her headphones on for Chasing the Unpredictable; getting lost in the echo drenched choruses.

Check out the whole post here: http://speedofdark-web.blogspot.com/2006/11/saturna.html


Saturna Land in Denmark November 28, 2006

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Thanks to Stytzer from Denmark for including the Saturna song Springboard on his endless music post on Hits In The Car along with a million other amazing songs for your downloading pleasure.  Check out the post here:


Saturna on Rocket 88 Radio Show November 27, 2006

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Saturna is excited to announce that Pop Rocks was played on KDHX 88.1 in St. Louis on the Rocket 88 radio show with Darren Snow.  Pop Rocks was played along side with amazing acts such as Silversun Pickups, Betty Serveert, Tokyo Police Club, and Oasis.  Check out the playlist here:


Over the Thanksgiving holiday Saturna were busy in the studio laying down tracks for the final song on our upcoming LP.  We haven’t named it yet, but it rocks our world, so its sure to rock yours as well.  We also finished mixing the first half of the record with Brin Addison in Seattle and it sounds amazing.  We’ll post some mp3s as soon as we’ve mastered them.  Stay tuned… 

Smoke Signals November 19, 2006

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Joe Lazar had some nice things to say about Saturna on his blog You Don’t Smoke, including, “. . . All Night, Saturna’s debut EP, offers endowing treats for your left and right ear.” He also compared us to the Doves, which is a huge compliment, and said Pop Rocks was worthy of a Chevy commercial.  Thanks, Joe.  Show us the money! 

Check out Joe’s review of “. . . All Night” here: http://youdontsmoke.wordpress.com/2006/11/19/saturna-all-night/ 

Saturna Loves Heroes November 18, 2006

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Thanks to Bryan, in Vancouver BC, for his amazing review of “…All Night” on the Hero Hill blog.  He said,

     “In reality what this band does is write beautiful slow building tracks that use fuzzed out guitars, well placed breakdowns, cowbell, and feature, but don’t rely on Ryan Carroll’s great vocal parts. ”  

He also added,

     “From the first 30 seconds, the band builds up a melodic wall of sound so slowly that you don’t even notice the aural assault until you are already hooked.” 

You’ve got to read Bryan’s whole review here:  http://www.herohill.com/2006/11/reviews-saturna-all-night-ep.htm

Saturna Complete Line-up November 17, 2006

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Saturna are pleased to introduce Matt Badger as our newest member.  We are really excited to that Matt will be playing drums with us.  He has over ten years of experience, can play a variety of styles, and is a wonderful person.  As you can imagine he fits in well 🙂   This will free up Steve to play bass and sing with me.  Steve and I will actually be switching up bass and guitar depending on the song for our live set. 

Thanks to Justin Renney, who is coincidentally leaving today for LA to begin shooting a movie, for stopping by our practice pad to shoot a few pictures of our new line-up.

Saturna's underground lair

 Saturna - Steve in contemplation  

Saturna - Welcome, Matt Badger! Saturna - Eric in lights 

Saturna - Ryan Carroll blissed out

Saturna on My Old Kentucky Blog November 16, 2006

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Smackin' It Up, Flippin' It & Rubbin' It Down Since January 2005

Thanks to Dodge for posting Chasing The Unpredictable on My Old Kentucky Blog.  His post was entitled NFL Week 10 with an mp3 linked to each game.  We got the Cleveland/Atlanta game, which was nice but really only the Seahawk games matter :).   

Check out My Old Kentucky Blog here: http://myoldkyhome.blogspot.com/2006/11/nfl-week-10.html

We also want to thank You Don’t Smoke for posting Pop Rocks in their media section.  Check it out here: http://youdontsmoke.wordpress.com/yds-media/

I know that sometimes I’m wrapped up in my own little world and am the last to know, but I just heard The Zoo Keeper’s Boy from Mew for the first time and was blown away.   Speechless . . .

Blanket of Stars on AlienVine November 15, 2006

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Thanks to Omar Mena, host of Graveyard TV in El Paso, TX for writing about Saturna on his website AlienVine.  Omar has been a long time DJ and advocate of alternative music in El Paso.  He had a bunch of things to say about Saturna, including, “Saturna puts out good songs,” and “Quality music.”  He also posted an mp3 of Blanket of Stars.  Check out his whole post here:  http://www.alienvine.com/OmarBlog.html

Saturna on 99.5 Lumen FM in Brazil November 13, 2006

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Thanks to Stecz and Neri of Lumen FM 99.5 in Curitiba, Brazil for playing Pop Rocks on their Ultimo Volume show last week.  These two DJs have a habit of introducing great music to Brazil.  This show includes Death Cab For Cutie, The Darling Buds, The Meeting Places, Goldenboy, Stopstars, Engineers, Fury of the Headteachers and The Workhouse along with Saturna.  Their show this week features  Portland indie pop label Magic Marker Records.

Check out Ultimo Volume here:  http://www.ultimovolume.com.br/home.html

Saturna on Automation Podcast November 11, 2006

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Saturna is pleased to announce that they have been featured on another great podcast from the UK.  Thanks to Pierre in London who writes the Automation blog and included Springboard in his podcast entitled  Pierrecast 1: Transition along with other great songs from Billy Bragg and WilcoThe Mourning Reign, Man in Gray, Spotlight Kid, The Brother KiteSnowglobeThe Silver Jews and more.  Thanks Pierre.

In other news, Emo Mixtape  gave us a shout-out, telling their listeners to “Be sure to check Saturna, they sound very promising. Recommended!”

Check out Automation’s podcast here: http://automation.livejournal.com/19637.html