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Saturna Featured on Bam’s Unholy Union on MTV February 1, 2007

Posted by Ryan in Bam's Unholy Union, Saturna.


 Saturna are pleased to announce that their song Springboard was used in the opening scenes of Bam’s Unholy Union on MTV.   Bam Margera of Jackass, Viva La Bam and more has debuted a new show that will follow him and his fiance Missy as they prepare for their unconventional wedding.

Springboard‘s familiar keyboard intro bring in the show, with Bam sneaking in to his bedroom to wake up his sleeping fiance.  If you’ve seen Viva La Bam, you’ll know exactly what’s going to happen next…  As soon as Missy is violently awakened the song switches to a raging metal tune. 

Check out the whole list of Featured Songs from the first episode, including artists such as Fu Manchu, Clutch and Turbonegro.

Download Springboard from Saturna’s debut CD “…All Night” here: http://www.saturnamusic.com/mp3/saturna_01_springboard.mp3


Shop MTV has created a place for you to buy “…All Night”.  You can also buy it at any of these fine establishements:  Shop MTV | Amazon | CDbaby | iTunes



1. kevin - February 14, 2007

What is the song played in the detroit episode when Bam and Missy are driving in the hummer, it starts off lite but gets heavier a few seconds in.

Junior RIVERA - November 5, 2010

Eliytres By Finntroll

2. D - February 16, 2007

I dont know but thats exactly what im looking for too…!!

3. shadystate - February 18, 2007


4. dr. davis - February 28, 2007

k. so what about the classical cut used in the very beggining of title sequence?

5. jensne - March 10, 2007

oo thanks i love that songg and i was like searching for it

6. levi - March 16, 2007

what is the song right after the scene where missy takes a yoga class and it goes something like…”well you are the perfect definition of crazy!” lol can anyone help??

7. A - March 16, 2007

In Episode 3 when they go to Detroit what was the song being played when missy was trying on wedding dresses

8. Becky - April 7, 2007

What is the song they played at the wedding and party after…it goes “she’ll be right here in my arms, so in love.” What is the band?

9. Duke - April 7, 2007

she’ll be right here in my arms – HIM, cky

10. g. - April 7, 2007

what is the instrumental piece played during the closing credits that has that rock / blues feel to it?


11. Drew Hanley - April 9, 2007

Does any one know the song that was being played in the season finale at the beginning when they were skating the new ramp with tony hawk?

12. Sherry - April 23, 2007

What was the song that Missy walked down the isle to?

13. Jason C - June 2, 2007

Can anyone make a list of all the songs featured in Unholy Union?

14. jd - July 10, 2007

does anyone know the name of the song when they r skating in the last episode?

15. Greg J - October 18, 2007

okay i really need help, during the season finale when phil is talking to bam before he gets married about not turning into an asshole what is that song that plays after that, its starts out with this crazy guitar solo or something, it sounds soo cool. PLEASE HELP! please email me ZooYorkSk8r66@aol.com

16. EB - January 4, 2008

what is the name of the song that is played on bam’s unholy union when they are on the party bus going to vegas

17. Iggy - February 16, 2008

Wat is the song that has the lyrics “I am on your side you are my friend”

18. Monica - March 22, 2008

What was the song that Missy walked down the isle to?

19. alfonso - May 7, 2008

wats the song dat missy walks down the isle to

20. DANIELLE - May 17, 2008


21. m.i.r - May 24, 2008

to duke: the song is Right Here In My Arms by HIM. cky has nothing to do with that song and to who ever asked about the song missy walked down the aisle to its like The London Symphony something.

22. Leowitch - May 26, 2008

What is that Skaish song they play as christmas music on the holiday ep?

23. kelly - June 30, 2008

Dudes, I’m looking for that song that goes “well you’re the perfect definition of crazy” just like number 6 (levi). So like…yuh. You should help me out ’cause I can’t find the song anywhere!

24. Mandy - August 9, 2008

I also need that song when bams going to vegas with lyrics somthing like “when your the perfect definition of crazy” please help ill love you forever ,



25. Dan - August 9, 2008

This is stupid! The song just after Missy’s yoga scene is no where to be found! I have looked so much I am getting so tired of this!

Anyone find anything about it?!?

26. Andy - August 28, 2008


song that is played on bam’s unholy union when they are on the party bus going to vegas

Pimp That by Northern League

27. alex - September 30, 2008

whats the song that goes “when your the perfect defination of crazy! and also the song thats on the party bus is Pimp that By Northern league the album wet paint

28. JJ - November 16, 2008

what’s the song in ep 4 when bam drops pumpkins on a trampoline while dico swings at them with a sword? at about 0:12:35.

29. dm - February 14, 2009

EVERYONE!!!! What is the song in episode 2 when the wedding planners come over??????????

Marianne - April 30, 2011
30. FTJK - February 24, 2009

What song is playing in tha scene where Bam, Dico, & Rake are choppin’ up pumpkins in tha “Off With Her Shirt” episode… PLEASE!!!

31. bluebelzer - April 2, 2009

What song was played right after bam and missy were married and walked back down the aisle together?

32. brett - May 19, 2009

whats the song when bam and dico make a vid and dico shoves a pumpkin on his head?

33. Julez - October 16, 2009

hey everyone whats the instrumental/song that plays in the finale right after missy’s mom says “do not f**k up my house”??

34. ally - February 25, 2010

name of da song after wedding is should by lacremas profundere the name of the song before is right here in my arms -him, durring ceremony is pachelbell-canon.any others?

35. jb - November 30, 2010

whats the song in episode 3 that plays right after missy refuses to drive in the snow and has bam drive, and the song plays through until they arrive at the jewely store.

36. Drac - February 16, 2011

i need to know the name of the song playing right after the ceremony in the last episode just before bam and missy go to their room

37. Chris - March 27, 2011

“1. kevin – February 14, 2007

What is the song played in the detroit episode when Bam and Missy are driving in the hummer, it starts off lite but gets heavier a few seconds in.”

The song is from a band called “oh no not stereos” and the songs name is findaway.

38. Joe - June 1, 2011

what is the song playing when it shoes the air plane in Detroit rock city episode

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