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Saturna Tour with Bob Mould April 11, 2008

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Saturna at The Great American Music Hall (photo by Pneyu) Saturna open for Bob Mould at Neumos in Seattle Saturna play Richards in Vancouver BC

Saturna have just returned from a west coast tour with Bob Mould and have had the time of our lives. We hit San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver BC and thanks to Bob played amazing venues to sold out crowds. We made tons of new friends and fans, sold a slew of CDs and had a complete blast. Bob and everyone in his band and crew were the nicest most professional people we’ve met in the industry. We want to thank them for everything that they did to make this tour the best it could be.

Bob Mould & Saturna on the marquee at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco Saturna at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco (photo by Curtis Finger) Eric Block of Saturna tweaking with his pedals (photo by Curtis Finger)

We also want to thank all our old and new friends for coming out and seeing the shows. It was so great to have everyone’s support and to see your faces in the crowd. Thanks for the pictures and video you took as well. We are still sifting through everything and its going to take a while to get it all up in the Internet because there is so much, but that’s a good thing.

We’re putting together a lengthy tour log for all of you who want to know all the dirty details, but I’ll write a short synopsis here:

Saturna\'s tour van at the Belly Up in Solana Beach Eric Block of Saturna at Solana Beach, CA Ryan Carroll & Matt Badger of Saturna in Solana Beach, CA on the Bob Mould tour

Our first show was in Solana Beach, CA a city just north of San Diego. It was a gorgeous little town and we stuck our feet in the sand and sea before we did our sound check. We were definitely a little nervous when we did our sound check, mostly because we couldn’t do a real sound check, the sound guy wouldn’t let us put our whole drum set on stage, so we kind of winged it and made sure the vocals and guitars sounded good. Bob and his crew came by to welcome us to the tour and everyone was really nice. There was a local band opening the night, so they warmed up the crowd for us and that helped ease our nerves a little. When we took the stage the house was full and the crowd got right into it. My voice was a little shaky for the first couple songs, but everything went well and I relaxed and got into it by Just For Thrills. It ended up being a really good show and we were excited to be heading to LA.

Saturna in Los Angeles before the El Rey show with Bob Mould Saturna in Los Angeles at the El Rey Saturna and the Bob Mould Band in Vancouver BC

The El Rey Theater was amazing. We got their early in the afternoon and had some time to hang out and absorb the energy of the place. El Rey is huge and has a great stage with a curtain. We had an excellent monitor sound and really rocked. It was possibly our best show ever. The light guy really went all out and gave us a great light show. We got a really great response from the crowd as well and had such a great experience.

The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco was one of the most gorgeous venues I’d ever been in. It was built in 1907 and was gilded in gold with an awesome balcony and great sound. The people really took care of us here with a free buffet and really nice dressing rooms. We played a great show to a full house and met a ton of cool people.

We played the Doug Fir in Portland and Neumos in Seattle and it felt really good to see all our home town fans, friends and family. By this time we were in the groove and our sets were really tight and felt really good. Richards on Richards in Vancouver, BC was our last show and we were sad that it was over so quickly. We’d made friends with Bob and all the guys in his band and crew and can’t wait for our next adventures together.

Hold tight and we will put up the rest of the blogs, pics and some great video as soon as possible. Thanks to Curtis Finger, Pneyu, and Nelson Clay for all the pictures we posted on this blog. We also have some big news coming about some of the opportunities that presented themselves on this tour.



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