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After Hours with Saturna on Tunecore March 10, 2008

Posted by Ryan in Saturna.
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Saturna are pleased to have been included in the March Mix from the After Hours blog along with R.E.M., Lightspeed Champion, and M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel’s new project She & Him.  They also announced Saturna’s upcoming tour with Bob Mould and stated that Saturna, “Brings a deliciously dirty rock with a touch of a rhythmic psychedelia.  Often compared with Jesus and Mary Chain and Lush,” and “is starting to get that all important and well-deserved buzz.”

Big thanks to Kyra Reed, on the Tunecore blog for using Saturna as an example of the right way for a band to utilize their blog.  We appreciate the kind words and recommend that if you’re a band interested in more information on new media and marketing that you check out KyraReed.com and Tunecore.



1. rone - March 27, 2008

I wanted to thank Matt again for his kindness in letting me have a copy of your album, and then when i came by later to insist on paying for it, giving me your EP for free. You guys did a great job at the Great American Music Hall. Cheers!

2. Caitlin Morgan - March 28, 2008

Oh, no…I’m doing it again: I’m writing a gushing-fan note. I first wrote one to Ryan last year, when I discovered Saturna. I had just ordered your CD, and promptly became addicted, requiring at least one full playing per day. Ryan assured me that a San Francisco visit would happen in the Spring. Little did any of us know (including Saturna!) that the visit would be as the opening act for Bob Mould’s 2008 tour. It was my pleasure to bring a party of friends to this perfect pairing at the Great American Music Hall the other night, Mar. 26, and introduce them to my favorite new band—literally! While Eric and Matt were mingling with the audience after their own set, my friends and I introduced ourselves to you and hoped that we weren’t coming off like goofy fans. Then we spoke with you again at the after club—and you two were just as gracious as you’d been earlier in the evening. Delightful guys who play such exquisite music? Ah, the world really can be a good place! Saturna live is just so satisfying that it’s tempting to leave our jobs and loved ones behind, to follow your tour bus on the road (but don’t worry, we won’t, really). We’ll stay put, content ourselves with Some Delicious Enemy, await your next CD effort, and mark the calendars till the day when you return once more to us.

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