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Sea of Tranquility review Saturna’s Some Delicious Enemy January 4, 2008

Posted by Ryan in Saturna.

Saturna are pleased to have been given a rave review in Sea of Tranquility.  Reviewer Ryan Sparks calls Some Delicious Enemy, “Infectious” and “A breath of fresh air.”  Read the whole review here:

“Call it alternative, college radio friendly or music for the myspace generation but whatever tag you choose to slap on Saturna, their style of indie / alt / pop (there’s my tag for ya) can certainly be called infectious. The quartet which hails from the Pacific Northwest (a region known to have spawned more than a few noteworthy bands in the early part of the 90’s) delivers a tightly woven mix of original songs combining elements of electronica, with jagged, inspired moments of muscular guitar driven rock. Sure vocalist Ryan Carroll’s layered and almost ethereal delivery brings to mind some of the finer moments of The Jesus and Mary Chain, but the band isn’t setting out to follow down someone else’s well traveled musical path. The game plan here is to carve out a sound that they can distinctly call their own and for the large part I think they’ve succeeded on Some Delicious Enemy. At least half of the tracks on this album could easily be thrown into heavy college radio rotation and I’m sure they would create a buzz immediately. If you like your music on the indie / alternative side then Saturna are going to be right up your alley. The songs on Some Delicious Enemy are a breath of fresh air and exactly what’s needed to combat the seemingly endless amount of plastic, candy coated flavors of the week which permeates much of today’s pop music.  (Ryan Sparks)”




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