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West Coast Performer Reviews Saturna October 22, 2007

Posted by Ryan in Reviews, Saturna, Some Delicious Enemy.


Thanks to Bonwell Parker from West Coast Performer for reviewing Some Delicious Enemy.  Check out the whole review here: 

One can detect many influences in Saturna’s new album, Some Delicious Enemy: the songwriting style is reminiscent of Tom Petty, and the songs themselves (at least at first) have a Steppenwolf downbeat feel, with the drums and keys featured prominently in front of a distant guitar. There is a heavy psychedelic rock influence as well as an epic quality more common in the days of Pink Floyd than today. However, Saturna doesn’t simply pay homage to these bands — they take the next evolutionary step, utilizing technology that was not available to the progressive rockers of the ‘70s, mixing in some elecronica and even industrial elements to the mix.

Though a couple of early songs like “Pop Rocks” have an undeniable groove and the already lively “Fall” goes several notches further with a two minute industrial-techno instrumental ending, the album’s energy follows a gradual decline. Its keeps things to a simmer while the tone turns darker and more introverted — though songs like “Chasing the Unpredictable” manage to find beauty in that.

The effect is hypnotic. The album’s steadily deteriorating energy is evident not only in the songwriting but in its execution. Even with songs like “Just for Thrills,” an angry song appearing late on the album, the lyrics aren’t as crisp, and the effects lose their sharpness or disappear entirely. By the end of the CD, even though the songwriting remains relatively upbeat, the energy is gone. Vocalist Ryan Carroll’s voice is barely louder than a whisper, the drums and keys fade away, and all that remains is the distant sound of the guitar.

-Bonwell Parker




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