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Tripping With Saturna July 7, 2007

Posted by Ryan in Saturna, Some Delicious Enemy.

Thanks to Jason from The Tripwire for his amazing review of Some Delicious Enemy.   His descriptions of Saturna’s songs are poetic visions including thoughts like, “I admired and felt strangely aroused by the “gazey” sounds which sauntered out of my friable speakers, creating an untarnished pane of pellucidity,” and “Saturna spills face splat into that lucid vat of free falling fantasy where My Bloody Valentine, Dandy Warhols, Smashing Pumpkins gather to terrorize pulverize demonize their scorching instruments with a distorted recalescence while partaking in an abundant supper of mellow narcotics.” 

This elequent review is truly fun to read and ends with this line, “The sound waves that Saturna have configured on the glimmering vixen Some Delicious Enemy, ripple with brassy electronics and spacious rock that fits the Shoegaze like a Cinderella slipper. ” 

Saturna’s Tripwire review:http://www.thetripwire.com/reviews/2007/7/6/some-delicious-enemy



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