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Saturna Amplified June 23, 2007

Posted by Ryan in Saturna.

Big thanks to Lee Zimmerman for his review of Some Delicious Enemy in Amplifier Magazine where he says, “Prepare for blast off… you’re about to get lost in space.”  He then goes on to say we are the alien offspring of 60’s band Hawkwind.  Zimmerman continues with the compliments saying, “With ten songs that blend a cosmic crunch with the whoosh of a celestial swirl, Saturna takes their flights of fantasy into interstellar overdrive.”  See you in space, Lee!

Check out the whole Amplifier Magazine review here: http://amplifiermagazine.com/reviews/cds/saturna_cd.php

Interestingly named Emoticocks blog also has good things to say about Saturna in a post that included reviews of new albums from Yo La Tengo and fellow Portland band Jatun.  They said that Some Delicious Enemy really grabbed them, was a really solid effort and lacked that “noise for the sake of noise” feeling that a lot of shoegazer groups tend to fall back on at times.”  Thanks a ton, guys, we’re glad you’re enjoying the music.




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