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Radio Saturna April 25, 2007

Posted by Ryan in Radio, Saturna, Some Delicious Enemy.

Saturna is excited to announce that songs from Some Delicious Enemy have been added to a few radio stations including Planeta Pop in Spain and internet stations Altrok in NY and Bagua Radio.

Planeta Pop, 87.6 Fm in Madrid added Saturna songs along with other artists like Arctic Monkeys, Bright Eyes and Rufus Wainwright.  Check out their weekly adds here: http://planetapopradio.blogspot.com/2007/04/programa-240407.html

 Altrok, an internet radio station from New York has also added Saturna as well as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Rapture, and Fields.  They wrote a blurb about Saturna here: http://www.altrok.com/2007/04/altrok-radio-music-update-156.html

Here is the weekly playlist for Altrok: http://www.altrok.com/2007/04/altrok-wednesday-what-we-know-and-when.html

Bagua Radio has also added Saturna this week along with other northwest artists Menomena, The Long Winters, and What Made Milwaukie Famous.




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