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Saturna Showing Growth April 14, 2007

Posted by Ryan in Saturna, Some Delicious Enemy.

Saturna is really excited that Quarter Life Party, a blog from the mid-Atlantic region has taken notice of Saturna.  They wrote a really nice review of Some Delicious Enemy, but the biggest thing that they remarked about was the progress that Saturna has made going from the …All Night (EP) to the new record.  They mentioned that the EP hadn’t really done it for them, but that on the first listen of Some Delicious Enemy they changed their mind.  Check out what they had to say:

“I first heard of Saturna a while ago when their EP came out, but i never really got into them back then…but lots has changed since then and now, with the release of their first full-length album Some Delicious Enemy (out 6/12). Creating a much more wall of sound, ala Secret Machines, My Bloody Valentine, etc. they come across as much more polished and layered band than their EP credited them with.”

They also say, “Overall this album really puts this band on the radar for me, and with the amount of growth I have seen from them in 6 mos. I can’t wait to see what they evolve into.”




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