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In Search of Saturna April 11, 2007

Posted by Ryan in Saturna, Some Delicious Enemy.

Saturna is pleased to have  gotten some early reviews in the last few days for Some Delicious Enemy


The most recent one came from UK blog In Search of Arcadia.  In their review wrote some really great stuff about the new record including, “They’ve employed a more epic feel to newer tracks making a perfect mix between shoegazey atmosphere and balls out indie rock reminsciesnt of the best bands of the 90’s (Pavement, Stone Roses, Pixies, Ride).”  They also said album opener Roll Down was “F*#%ing fantastic!” 

Check out the post here: http://insearchofarcadia.blogspot.com/2007/04/loads-of-new-music-hadouken-south.html

Stytzer from Denmark blog Hits In The Car (and the famously circulated Nothing But Music – The Endless Post?) remarks that album closer Periwinkle has been on constant repeat all day and says Some Delicious Enemy is a  “Highly recommendable album, a superb blend of indie/alternative rock and shoegaze.”


And last but not least, Gimme Tinnitus complains that the early bird got the worm, saying “DAMN YOU… Instrumental Analysis got to posting some new Saturna before me… ”




1. stytzer - April 12, 2007

actually it wasn’t the album closer but the entire album that was on constant repeat 🙂

2. Ryan - April 12, 2007

awesome, even better. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. Thanks for the props!

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