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Saturna SXSW Recap March 22, 2007

Posted by Ryan in Saturna, SXSW.

Wow, SXSW is insane! You might be wondering why we didn’t write anything about it over the last few days and honestly, its because SXSW kicked our ass.  It was our first time playing SXSW and we didn’t really know what to expect, but now we’re hooked.  We met so many amazing people, saw tons of great bands and had the time of our lives.  We also got to hang out with a bunch of our friends that we didn’t know would be there.  We played both Friday and Saturday nights and shared the stage with The Lashes, Schoolyard Heroes, The Blakes, Rocket, Sirens Sister, and Aaron Mannino.  Both nights we played a showcase for the movie The Weathered Underground, which placed Saturna songs in both the film and on the soundtrack.  They also filmed our live show and will put some videos up for us on their site in the next couple of weeks, so you can check out the show too.  We got to see a few other bands like The Black Angels, Kings of Leon and more.

So, I could go on an on about SXSW and I actually did, so check out our myspace blog if you want to read the blow by blow account of our adventures.

Here’s a picture that kind of tells it all.  Thanks Dead Girl!

Saturna bring back Dead Girl to life



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