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Saturna on Radio Indie Pop November 5, 2006

Posted by Ryan in Saturna.

Saturna is back for the attack; recuperating from the epic debauchery of a  five day Dionysian party that was Doug and Danielle’s wedding in Kauai.  I’ll see if I can find some non X-rated pictures to post soon. 

We are excited to announce that Radio Indie Pop have added Springboard and Pop Rocks to their rotation.  If you haven’t checked out R-I-P, then you should find out what their over 20,000 users already know.  I noticed on Monday they were playing Springboard along with songs from My Bloody Valentine, Freeheat, Serena Maneesh, M83, The Morning After Girls, Tapes n Tapes, and Brian Jonestown Massacre to only name a few.

Thanks to a couple of our friends Justin Renney and Kyra Reed who are in NYC at CMJ handing out “…All Night” CDs.  I’m sure Justin will post a ton of amazing live pics of your favorite bands at www.photojustin.com and Kyra will have all sorts of good advice on her website www.kyrareed.com.  I couldn’t go to CMJ myself this year, but I’ll be there for New Years 2007!

Perfect Porridge and Instrumental Analysis gave Saturna shout-outs last week.  Perfect Porridge announced Just For Thrills, calling it a cross between BRMC and JAMC and Instrumental Analysis named Springboard as one of their favorite songs.

Perfect Porridgehttp://www.perfectporridge.com/2006/10/the_interiors_damien_rice_saw.html

Radio Indie Pophttp://www.radio-indie-pop.com/radio.php

Instrumental Analysis – http://instrumentalanalysis.blogspot.com/2006/11/can-joanns-weekend-mutiny-andrew.html



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