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Saturnaday Night at MusicfestNW September 10, 2006

Posted by Ryan in Saturna.

Saturnaday night we were a little more mellow, but it felt like Deja Vu.  We started out at the Fez Ballroom for Hypatia Lake.  When we walked up the stairs the doorman said, “Weren’t you guys here last night?”  Hypatia Lake fucking rocked!  Then we headed back to the Crystal Ballroom for Jeremy Enigk of Sunny Day Real Estate, Brit Daniels of Spoon, and The Helio Sequence.  All were good shows.  Jeremy Enigk had a full backing band and the instrumentation was amazing.  Brit Daniels on the other hand was ok, but just played by himself and sometimes with a lackluster backing track of snare, high hat and piano.  Didn’t rock my world or anything.  The Helio Sequence were good as usual.  They always seem to sound amazing even with a laptop.  We also saw a bunch of our friends.  Michael from Reverb Records was there and Jason from Stars of Track and Field.  Thanks to Mark from the Willamette Week, we got us passes to the VIP after party.  Whoo hoooooo!



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