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Saturna Up All Night at MusicfestNW September 9, 2006

Posted by Ryan in Saturna.

So far MusicfestNW has been great this year.  We started our Friday night out at Burnside Distribution’s VIP party at Slabtown with The Jolenes, Scott McCaughey, and Richmond FontaineThe Jolenes were great as usual with their high energy and pop tunes.  I’d never heard Richmond Fontaine, even though I work with the bassists mother, and was pleasantly surprised.  I was expecting Alt-country and maybe it was a bit that way, but all in all they are just upbeat Americana, and were definitely having a good time.

Then we headed to the Fez to catch The Upsidedown and The High VioletsThe Upsidedown played one of their best shows I ever seen and I heard a couple of people commenting on the same thing.  The High Violets were great as usual.  I was excited to see my friend Colin on bass.  He definitely added some great energy to their set.  Also saw a bunch of friends here, Shane from Hypatia Lake and some work buddies.

Next it was The Silver Jews at the Crystal Ballroom.  Excellent set, but by this time I was getting a bit tipsy.  I lost Steve and Eric and wandered for a while before catching up with them and heading to the new Jimmy Mac’s for a acoustic solo set from Kristen Hersh.  She has such a beautiful voice, so much presence and looked elegant in her blue dress with a red velvet backdrop.

The only thing that sucks about Musicfest this year is that they are selling hard tickets to some shows and if they sell out with hard tickets then you can’t get in with a wrist band.  This is crap, especially for people who wanted to see The Zombies.  Luckily for us we were all on the guest list, but too bad by the time they went on we were already in knee deep at The Magic Garden.  The rest of the night blew by in a blur…

On a slightly different note check out Mars Needs Guitars who created a soundtrack to my night out based on my idea of a theme entitled “I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night and Party Everyday.”



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