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FCUK (a French and British connection) August 19, 2006

Posted by Ryan in Saturna.

Shortly after the discovery of two new planets in our solar system, both French and British bloggers simultaneously post entries about Saturna making them the first bloggers to write about Saturna outside of the United States.


One post, entitled “Forget Yesterday; Planets Change Everything”, comes from ZB of So The Wind Won’t Blow It All Away, who writes, “Au fil des écoutes, le disque, par sa seule force musicale, éloigne de vous l’idée d’un exercice de style (enchaînement de titres à la manière de…) pour laisser place à l’évidente construction en cinq palliers spacio-temporels. “All night”, c’est à écouter “all day” !”

If you don’t read French then check out the english translation here.

And just across the pond, Matt from Warwick, England reviews “. . . All Night” on á la discothèque.  He says, “the stadium-rock esque guitars and drums hark out of a possible influence of old Muse – for a debut EP this is certainly a very polished effort.”  Check out the whole review here.



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