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Protest Records Releases Obscure Saturna Song August 6, 2006

Posted by Ryan in Saturna.

Saturna on Protest Records

After one night of extreme angst against the current US government’s wars and foreign policy Saturna recorded a twisted song called “I’ve Got A Gun And I’m Gonna Use It On My Friends“. When Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth heard it he released it on his Protest Records Compilation Vol. 5 adding Saturna to a roster of war protestors that includes Mudhoney, Beastie Boys, Cat Power, Damon and Naomi, Mike Watt, and Allen Ginsberg. This obscure Saturna song was only released on this Protest Records comp, but now the mp3 has been released to the internet and can be found here.

Saturna is also included in the The One and Only War Protest song list…
on DVDtalk.com; a massive list of bands with protest songs that span the decades. We are proud to be in such great company.

One of the most interesting projects that I’ve found that references this song comes from Thom Hartnett in The Great Mix CD Odyssey of 2006. Each week for the entire year of 2006, Thom has been putting together mix CDs based on a certain theme . He then mails them out to who ever wants them for free. Week 11 in March of this year was called Cheney’s got a gun: Songs for Dick Cheney and Harry Whittington. check out what Thom wrote about it here.



1. Chandira - August 30, 2006

F*ckin’ A. Good for you guys.

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